A Borrower’s Guide to Payday Loans (revised)



There are times in everyone’s life that they need some help. The assistance may be as simple as someone helping you move a large piece of furniture from one floor to another. But there are also times when the needed help can be much more serious in nature.


There are times when we need money and we need it now. Payday loans can be of great assistance to a borrower especially in times of emergencies. But before you resort to this type of loan, you have to first be informed about the process and why you might want to consider one.


The Expense of a Payday Loan


First be aware that payday loans will cost you. Quite often they are criticized for the extremely high interest rates they charge. Be informed that these rates can differ radically depending upon who you go through for a payday loan. Not all cash advances are created equal, as it were. So be sure to do your homework; call around and get several quotes. Also, by paying back a payday loan on time, you can greatly reduce the amount of money you will be obligated to reimburse.


Difficulty of Acquiring a Payday Loan


Generally speaking most people will qualify for a payday loan. One of the reasons many people request a payday loan is due to the simplicity of acquiring money when they need it for emergencies. If your credit is less than admirable and if the credit agencies have several black marks against you, look for those places that offer loans “on Teletrack.” This agency tracks all your financial dealings; if a payday loan agency is willing to overlook this agency, you can usually get the money you are after without exception.




No matter with whom you make transactions, you want to ensure that you are protected from fraud. There are disreputable agencies out there that can use your information against you, or file reports against you for failing to follow their rules and pay back at the rates they charge. You will want to research the payday loan company and most importantly acquire endorsements from those who have conducted business with them.


Check with the Better Business Bureau and see how they are rated and what, if any, complaints have been lodged against this company. Whenever you are dealing with money and your personal information, your identity is possibly at risk if you are not being careful. If there is any concern, find another method of obtaining the money you need.


Negotiating Terms

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Typically, you won’t have much control over the terms of the payday loan. They may offer several different options, packages, etc., but they will probably depend upon your ability to prove your trustworthiness to repay the loan within a prescribed time period. Remember that for the most part these are loans which are not meant to be for high amounts of money and not for extended periods of time.

Moreover, take note that these loans are for EMERGENCY purposes only, and it should be avoided that the money you get be used for paying bills and other sorts of non-emergency obligatory payments. With these things in mind, you will be better equipped in handling your personal loan application.

Apps Fit for Fashionistas

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You’re a fashionista when you keep up with all the latest fashion trends, when you can spot a certain designer’s style at 20 paces, when your friends take one look at you and demand to know just where you got that outfit. However, if you’re going to stay ahead of the fashion curve, you are going to need apps that give you the freshest looks, the latest fads and all the newest styles before they are out of style. Some apps are fit only for true fashionistas.

Apps That Fit Fashionistas

Fashionistas need to be seen — isn’t that the point of being so fabulous? However, you don’t have time to sit at home all day and comb through fashion magazines or browse the Web. Apps allow you to keep up with trends, browse for looks, shop for clothes and show off to your friends even while you’re on the go. You will never fall behind in an ever-changing world of fashion.

  • Pose is a fashionista social app that allows you to share photos quickly with friends in your network. Before you make a purchase — or after you make a great one — snap a photo of clothing items and get opinions on all the fashions you find. Friends can comment, share and “love” your looks.
  • Download the Style.com app to stay up-to-date on all the latest designer fashions. You will have access to designer profiles, fashion shows, pictures of couture from around the word and original videos.
  • Use the Net-A-Porter app to get access to online magazines where you can make purchases directly from your phone. The inventory is updated three times a week, so you have access to the latest looks.
  • Vogue Stylist is like having a personal fashion guru. You’ll get a look at the latest Vogue trends, editors’ picks and even product recommendations according to your local weather. You can save favorite items to your folder and even click-to-buy through the app.
  • The My Style Fashion Assistant app is exactly that. Take pictures of all the clothes hanging in your closet, and you’ll have access to your closet from anywhere. Create new looks from existing pieces, plan your outfits ahead of time for special events and trips and choose accessories to go with everything.

Finding Fashion Apps

You might surf through long lists of apps before you find one that’s as fashion-friendly as you crave. Technofied.net’s Guide to Non-market Android Apps and similar guides help you find the best apps at the best prices. Finding fashionista-worthy apps is a lot easier when you know exactly where to begin looking.

Exploring Tampa at a Low Cost

If you are considering a trip to Tampa Florida there are a few things you will definitely want to keep in mind. Packing clothing right for the temperature is an obvious need, however, there may be some not so elements things worthy of consideration.


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If you come from a region that does not have the same allergens as Florida’s tropical temperatures encourage, you may want to consult your physician about how to handle unknown allergies in a pinch. This way you will come prepared and should have no unexpected emergencies that can deplete your vacation fund entirely.

Cheap Flights

Cheap Tampa flights can be found online on many sources. Consider participating in bid sites where users are allowed to bid on prices that may be honored if the flight is not filled. Have several dates preplanned in case your flight is canceled due to someone else’s last minute trip plans. You can also ensure cheap Tampa flights by reserving your trip date for distant future dates.

Discounted Venues

Check online for a venue you already know you want to attend. If you want a decent discount to a Zoo or Sanctuary, monitor those websites Twitter and Facebook feeds for coupons and promo codes. Very often consumers can get discounted prices for simply purchasing online and ahead of time. Don’t be afraid to ask on one of the venue’s websites for a possible discount. Sometimes they can give you a promo code just for yourself, just for asking.

Visit Tourist Sites

Visit the websites for tourism in Tampa. Often they host a variety of promotions for their city that can and usually does include coupons that can be honored immediately, or even those that can be printed out for use once you arrive.

Beach Fun

One of the best things about visiting the beach in Tampa is that in most cases, it is entirely free. Instead of an action packed, and exhausting day of spending at local venues, try a picnic on the beach with your family or loved ones. Memories of time spent in an idyllic setting do not include how much was spent on that moment. That doesn’t even include the great photo opportunities for you and yours on a beautiful Tampa beach.


Camping opportunities abound in Tampa Florida. With your cheap Tampa flights and your backpack handy, you may be looking at the most affordable, and beautiful vacation ever had. Be sure to check the campsites website, or call ahead for those not online, to see if you can still receive additional discounts for reserving your campground ahead of time.

Keeping all of these suggestions in mind, you should be able to enjoy an incredibly peaceful and affordable Tampa vacation.

New Ways of Getting Things Done

Robotics are already in heavy use worldwide in industry, employed to keep assembly lines running at breakneck speeds with near-zero flaws in production. Early adopters saw their profits increase as they could get more out of these tireless new workers without any corresponding demands for increased time off, vacations, or pay increases. Savvy businessmen noticed these results and copied the formula, leading to widespread adoption of the beloved robotic machines. As the future arrives fresh every day, it’s easy to wonder about what role these tireless machines will play in times to come. That future, in a word, is robust.

Historically, the field of robotics has focused on fairly large machines to do relatively imprecise tasks such as auto construction or fabrication. But that will change as miniaturization brings with it a demand for the decrease in size of the robotic ‘hands’ used to construct ever smaller items. Regardless of the field of application – from diamond cutting to electronics manufacturing – miniaturization has a place for the next generation of robots.

It’s possible that one day, even the space programs of most countries will rely heavily on dexterous, capable robots rather than humans to explore the universe. This could improve space mission success, should artificially intelligent machines start performing heretofore previously ‘manned’ missions. In some regards, with little or at least reduced concern about getting the astronauts home, more in-depth work could be carried out in the depths of space by this diligent new breed of workers. One-way trips could become the next wave, courtesy of this byproduct of human ingenuity!

Fashion Trends for Fall 2011

The fashion world always operates a few seasons ahead of the real world. That means the fall 2011 trends are being shown in the winter and spring months of that year.

If you’re curious about what the fall fashion trends for 2011 are going to be, here’s an overview of some of the popular trends that fashion experts saw on the runway.

Fur Clothing

Stop Looking! Fashion Runway 2011

Image by henryjose via Flickr

Fall 2011 might be the year of furry clothing. Many designers incorporated faux fur clothing into their collection. The runway was filled with shirts, blouses, jackets and pants all crafted out of different types of fur.

Bell Bottoms

Everyone thought bell bottoms were a thing of the past. However, it looks like fashion designers are taking a page from the history books and incorporating different styles of bell bottoms into their fashion lines. Jean style bell bottoms and work pant bell bottoms were amongst the most popular style of pants seen on the fashion runway.

Pleated Clothing

Clothing that incorporated various styles of pleats were also popular on the fall fashion runway. Many of the outfits that had pleats in them served as great early fall fashions. Pleats could be found on everything from shirts, blouses, pants and jackets.

Wide Leg Pants

Very similar to the bell bottom pants, wide legged pants were also in style for fall 2011 fashion trends. These pants are just the first sign that the fashion world is moving away from form fitting, skintight clothing.

These four examples are just some of the fashion trends people will be seeing in the fall 2011 fashion lines.

Nike Is the King of Urban Cool

Kanye West in 2007.

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They’re hot on the court. They dominate the field, and they’re found on the hottest celebrities’ feet. Nike is the king of urban cool when it comes to fashion footwear.  If you’re into the street scene, make sure you pick the right accessories head to toe. Not sure where to start? Check out some famous feet.

When it comes to streetwear, it’s the Hip Hop and Rap scenes that define what’s fashionable. One of the top celebrities sporting Nike is Kanye West. He can be seen wearing Air Jordans. He’s especially fond of the Air Jordan Boot. Other hot celebs accessorizing their feet with Nike are Dabrat, Bow wow, and Ludacris. As fast as music and fashion change, make sure you keep an eye on what the hottest stars are wearing.

If you’re idea of fashion forward is more athletic, then certainly, you can find a slew of top athletes turning Nike footwear into the hottest trends. The endorsement list is long, but the folks who make it hot are people like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. The street sounds are starting to get more international with Eastern and Latin beats, so don’t forget to follow international soccer. The big guns on the field are bringing the world to the streets, and Nike is there to make sure their shoes are a part of the scene.

Whether you’re into old school or the trendiest fashion in the coming seasons, watch your favorite singers and sports stars. As soon as the celebrity is hot, grab a pair of their shoes. You’ll be the trendsetter in your town.

Expanding Your Wardrobe Without Emptying Your Wallet

Skinny denim

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Every woman enjoys the idea of having new clothing items in her closet, whether she likes to shop or not. The trick to having a new wardrobe spring into your closet is to purchase items that have multiple uses and an everlasting style. There are simple pieces that can be adapted or added into any wardrobe.

The best news is that you don’t have to go broke creating this wardrobe. Check out a site here for deals.

White or Black Blouse:

A nice fitted blouse will afford you multiple options for wear, either casual or dressy, layered or solo.

A Jacket:

Pick a jacket that is simple in color that you can dress up with other clothing items. A simple jacket can be worn all year long. Print or patterned jackets will only be wearable for a specific season, and possibly won’t last as long as a simple colored jacket.


Jeans can be sporty, simple, elegant, or dressy—all depending on what you team it with. Pick a pair of jeans that you find comfortable and flattering for your body.

Black Pants:

Every woman needs a pair of black pants. Like jeans, black pants can often be teamed with tops or a jacket for casual or dressier wears.

A Wrap Dress:

Wrap dresses are amazing since they can be multi-purpose. You can wear the dress as a complete piece or cover either the top or bottom of the dress, making even more outfits within your wardrobe.

With these simple pieces, you can add dimension and much flexibility to your wardrobe, creating dozens of outfits for any occasion. Have fun with your selections.


Fashions for Your Canine Friend

American actress Hayden Panettiere at the Hero...

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Fashion has gone crazy this season. Whatever trend you are wearing, it better be eye-catching! Fashion forward celebrities, such as Rihanna, have made sure that fashion is big and bold. If you aren’t attracting admiring looks from everyone who sees you, you haven’t gone bold enough. It’s not just a trend for humans, either!


Ashley Tisdale recently stepped out with a gorgeous dog, and it wasn’t just Ashley looking gorgeous. Her dog was rocking a cute pink bandana, embellished with a cute bone. She wasn’t the only dog in Hollywood looking glam, either, as Hayden Panettiere’s pup rocked a gorgeous golden scarf…Hayden looked hot too, in a stunning golden gown.


So, how do you master this look? First, find a reputable pet costume company that produces high quality dog costumes. It’s important to make sure your dog is comfortable while they look good! Pick colors which will bring out your pets natural coloring, like Hayden did. Deep gold looks gorgeous against darker dogs, while pastel colors bring out the best in lighter fur. Make sure the outfit or accessory fits your dog well, so they can still walk normally, and that your dog looks happy rocking their new look!

Finally, complement your dog’s look with your own. Go for a casual look like Ashley, or rock a glamorous look like Hayden…choose colors and styles which complement each other. Hayden got this spot on by choosing a scarf for her pooch which matched the tiny crystals on the dress. Pet costumes are great fun to rock, and make the most adorable pictures – don’t forget to keep a fashion album for your new fashion friend!

Healthy, Environmentally Safe Fashion Shoes

Fictional characters on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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There are two extremes in fashion. Either it is so outrageous, extravagant, and sinful to wear or it is cutting edge, healthy and environmentally safe. Fashion is about being creative, dancing with the extremes, and opening the world up to other possibilities. Birki’s shoes in Germany opens up the possibility of being fashionable, healthy, and environmentally correct every time you take a step.

This website wearablegroup.org has a similar philosophy of emphasizing fashion that is wearable. It was inevitable that Birki shoes should get highlighted here since they have the very same thoughts. Birki shoes is a fairly new company that was started in Germany in 1993. Every shoe they build is around the premise of supporting families, health, and the environment which are core values for Germans. Shoes and sandals are anatomically designed to relieve joints and ligaments and support muscles. The shoes improve your feet and legs. Energy saving production along with solar energy is used to mold the natural materials of cork and rubber.The company takes any waste cork and rubber and builds playgrounds for children with it. If that is not enough they create ecological compensation areas around their factories, and every shoe sold gives a dollar to the German Bone Marrow Donor Charity group.

In 2005 the Fun Birki shoe won the New York Red Dot Award for production. Birki has continued this idea of fun with its 2011 line of Muppet shoes with Kermit the Frog, and Fozzie Bear and in its Disney collection of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. What more can you ask for? Multi-tasking fashion for a multi-tasking generation for all family members. Cool!

Use Accessories to Create a Fashion Statement

Moche Ear Ornaments. 1-800 AD. Larco Museum Co...

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Accessories are one of the most important weapons you can have in a fashion arsenal. There are several different categories including jewelry, scarves, and shoes, so you have a lot of different options to choose from. Even if you have on an outfit that you have worn before, if you accessorize you may see that more people notice what you are wearing and even send a compliment your way. Set the goal of adding accessories to everything that you wear for a few weeks and see if you notice any difference.

No matter what you are wearing, from casual to formal, accessories can help you make a fashion statement. For example, Dereon clothing is typically casual. However, when paired with an adorable set of heels and a chunky necklace even the tops and jeans become a more well put together outfit. Dressing in clothes that fit well and look good is a great idea, but adding accessories is what makes you stand out from the crowd.

If you don’t feel that you have the accessories that you need, plan a shopping trip in which you only shop for shoes, jewelry and maybe even a purse or two. Think about items that would look good with some of the pieces that you already own. Then when you get everything home, set out outfits with the new accessories and see how things come together. If the outfit is plain, add bolder accessories. If the outfit is a fashion statement in and of itself, add something small.