New Ways of Getting Things Done

Robotics are already in heavy use worldwide in industry, employed to keep assembly lines running at breakneck speeds with near-zero flaws in production. Early adopters saw their profits increase as they could get more out of these tireless new workers without any corresponding demands for increased time off, vacations, or pay increases. Savvy businessmen noticed these results and copied the formula, leading to widespread adoption of the beloved robotic machines. As the future arrives fresh every day, it’s easy to wonder about what role these tireless machines will play in times to come. That future, in a word, is robust.

Historically, the field of robotics has focused on fairly large machines to do relatively imprecise tasks such as auto construction or fabrication. But that will change as miniaturization brings with it a demand for the decrease in size of the robotic ‘hands’ used to construct ever smaller items. Regardless of the field of application – from diamond cutting to electronics manufacturing – miniaturization has a place for the next generation of robots.

It’s possible that one day, even the space programs of most countries will rely heavily on dexterous, capable robots rather than humans to explore the universe. This could improve space mission success, should artificially intelligent machines start performing heretofore previously ‘manned’ missions. In some regards, with little or at least reduced concern about getting the astronauts home, more in-depth work could be carried out in the depths of space by this diligent new breed of workers. One-way trips could become the next wave, courtesy of this byproduct of human ingenuity!

Nike Is the King of Urban Cool

Kanye West in 2007.

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They’re hot on the court. They dominate the field, and they’re found on the hottest celebrities’ feet. Nike is the king of urban cool when it comes to fashion footwear.  If you’re into the street scene, make sure you pick the right accessories head to toe. Not sure where to start? Check out some famous feet.

When it comes to streetwear, it’s the Hip Hop and Rap scenes that define what’s fashionable. One of the top celebrities sporting Nike is Kanye West. He can be seen wearing Air Jordans. He’s especially fond of the Air Jordan Boot. Other hot celebs accessorizing their feet with Nike are Dabrat, Bow wow, and Ludacris. As fast as music and fashion change, make sure you keep an eye on what the hottest stars are wearing.

If you’re idea of fashion forward is more athletic, then certainly, you can find a slew of top athletes turning Nike footwear into the hottest trends. The endorsement list is long, but the folks who make it hot are people like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. The street sounds are starting to get more international with Eastern and Latin beats, so don’t forget to follow international soccer. The big guns on the field are bringing the world to the streets, and Nike is there to make sure their shoes are a part of the scene.

Whether you’re into old school or the trendiest fashion in the coming seasons, watch your favorite singers and sports stars. As soon as the celebrity is hot, grab a pair of their shoes. You’ll be the trendsetter in your town.

Healthy, Environmentally Safe Fashion Shoes

Fictional characters on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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There are two extremes in fashion. Either it is so outrageous, extravagant, and sinful to wear or it is cutting edge, healthy and environmentally safe. Fashion is about being creative, dancing with the extremes, and opening the world up to other possibilities. Birki’s shoes in Germany opens up the possibility of being fashionable, healthy, and environmentally correct every time you take a step.

This website has a similar philosophy of emphasizing fashion that is wearable. It was inevitable that Birki shoes should get highlighted here since they have the very same thoughts. Birki shoes is a fairly new company that was started in Germany in 1993. Every shoe they build is around the premise of supporting families, health, and the environment which are core values for Germans. Shoes and sandals are anatomically designed to relieve joints and ligaments and support muscles. The shoes improve your feet and legs. Energy saving production along with solar energy is used to mold the natural materials of cork and rubber.The company takes any waste cork and rubber and builds playgrounds for children with it. If that is not enough they create ecological compensation areas around their factories, and every shoe sold gives a dollar to the German Bone Marrow Donor Charity group.

In 2005 the Fun Birki shoe won the New York Red Dot Award for production. Birki has continued this idea of fun with its 2011 line of Muppet shoes with Kermit the Frog, and Fozzie Bear and in its Disney collection of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. What more can you ask for? Multi-tasking fashion for a multi-tasking generation for all family members. Cool!

Female Celebrities & Addiction

The movie magazines and entertainment shows would have you believe that female celebrities work a few hours a day then spend the rest of the evening attending gala functions wearing the latest gown and sporting the trendiest jewelry and accessories. The truth is that this cannot be further from the truth. When a female celebrity is actively working, whether it is on a TV show or a movie, days can be anywhere from 14 to 18 hours long, and can start as early as 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning. Add in the fact that many female celebrities feel obligated to remain thin so that they will look their best at all times, and you have a situation that can easily lead to a drug or alcohol addiction.

The constant media attention as well as the fact that some female celebrities may already suffer from depression, bi-polar disorder, an eating disorder, or other psychological problems can make the situation worse. When a condition such as the ones mentioned or another type is coupled with drug or alcohol addiction, this is known as a co-occurring disorder.

As she attempts, or attempts are made, to get help for both the addiction and the underlying disorder, the celebrity may be hounded and every detail recorded. Some people may see this as entertainment, but the truth is that it is reality for the female celebrity facing this.

This may be the reason why many female celebrities hide their addiction for so long. Doing this, however, just makes the problem harder to treat when it can no longer be hidden.

It is important that anyone, not just female celebrities, who suffers from a co-occurring disorder get help as soon as possible. Drug rehabilitation facilities that specialize in treating co-occurring disorders, like, are the best places to seek this help. They can provide the privacy that everyone needs while undergoing treatment, as well as tailoring a program that best suits one’s needs.

Fun New Trends in Accessories

Accessories are the glue that holds an outfit together; the right accessories can make your clothing stand out and make your look seem polished and complete. Here are the new trends in accessories that can really spice up your wardrobe and add flair to your outfit with minimal cost and effort.

Headbands are back and they are not your grandmother’s headbands. Now they come in all shapes and sizes and can make a dramatic fashion statement. From peacock feathers to large flowers, you can find just about any kind of embellishment to compliment your outfit. Now you can accessorize in other places besides your ears, neck, and wrist, accessorize your head with a fun headband.

The newest scarf on the block is the looped scarf. This scarf doesn’t require tying but can be artfully draped in any way you see fit. Wrap it around your neck tight for the cold weather or choose a looser loop for when your scarf is a visual accessory rather than a needed one. The looped scarf drapes around your neck like a big necklace instead of the traditional scarf that just has to hang from your neck. Try a looped scarf for a fun twist on an old favorite.

The new trend in earrings is the reappearance of vintage. Instead of long dangling earrings, studs are back in and with a vintage twist. Rose shaped earrings come in all different colors so you can coordinate them with any outfit. These earrings have an old school charm with a new school glam to make them the perfect new trend in earrings. This vintage trend also extends to other stud earrings that look like fabric buttons with all sorts of different patterns and colors. Less is more when it comes to these earrings but they can add a fun vintage flair to your accessory collection.