Fashion Trends for Fall 2011

The fashion world always operates a few seasons ahead of the real world. That means the fall 2011 trends are being shown in the winter and spring months of that year.

If you’re curious about what the fall fashion trends for 2011 are going to be, here’s an overview of some of the popular trends that fashion experts saw on the runway.

Fur Clothing

Stop Looking! Fashion Runway 2011

Image by henryjose via Flickr

Fall 2011 might be the year of furry clothing. Many designers incorporated faux fur clothing into their collection. The runway was filled with shirts, blouses, jackets and pants all crafted out of different types of fur.

Bell Bottoms

Everyone thought bell bottoms were a thing of the past. However, it looks like fashion designers are taking a page from the history books and incorporating different styles of bell bottoms into their fashion lines. Jean style bell bottoms and work pant bell bottoms were amongst the most popular style of pants seen on the fashion runway.

Pleated Clothing

Clothing that incorporated various styles of pleats were also popular on the fall fashion runway. Many of the outfits that had pleats in them served as great early fall fashions. Pleats could be found on everything from shirts, blouses, pants and jackets.

Wide Leg Pants

Very similar to the bell bottom pants, wide legged pants were also in style for fall 2011 fashion trends. These pants are just the first sign that the fashion world is moving away from form fitting, skintight clothing.

These four examples are just some of the fashion trends people will be seeing in the fall 2011 fashion lines.

Fashion Trend For Spring 2011

After a dull, grey and harsh winter, fashionistas eagerly wait for the spring collection which implies lots of cheery, meadow, bright, vibrant and warm colors. Spring denotes a lot of colors; let us have a look at what the fashion trend is, for this spring 2011.

The look for spring 2011 is the retro look. Dig into your closet and pull out clothes that define a sophisticated or the boho chic look. The clothes for spring 2011 are breezy, loose-fitting and are all about being comfortable. You can even opt for the biker style of the military style or go in for the 60’s look. Yes, all of them are back with a bang.

The clothes for spring 2011 imply a lot of lacework, crochet, macramé. You can opt for capri pants, wide leg pants, bell-bottoms, jumpsuits and playsuits. For the evening, you can opt for maxi, dresses with tail hems, crop tops. If you like stripes then go for it. Wear a stripped dress or a striped shirt or a skirt.

The accessories for spring 2011 are cat eyed sunglasses which look good on any triangular or square faced person. Wear the cat eyed sunglasses with attitude and make it your style quotient. Belt purse is also back with a bang. What a convenient way of carrying your personal belongings. Tassels are also in; adorn your bag, dress or any other accessory with tassels.

The right shoes for spring 2011 are clogs or wooden shoes. Scale new heights by wearing clogs adorned with brass studding. If you like dainty shoes, then kitten heels are back.

Wondering what the right color is? Wear any aqueous colors or any floral, pearls, maroons, turquoise.

Review Your Wardrobe Annually

The next time you go through your wardrobe, take a good look at what you own. If you have outdated fashions, it is time to let them go. There are many people that can benefit from your gently used clothing. Donate your old clothes and make room for new ones. After all, your significant other cannot complain if you need new clothes because you made a generous donation!

Shopping for new clothes is fun! This should be an experience that you enjoy. If you have a lot of clothes to buy at one time, make it a day. Invite a friend to go with you so that you will another set of eyes for choosing the right clothes. The choices you will have depend on the season. In general, spring and summer offer some of the most fun fashion choices. This is because the spring and summer are a time for bright clothes and short skirts.

Winter and fall also offer color, but it is more subdued. Winter and fall colors are usually not as bright, but you can always find ways to add colorful accessories. To be a stylish and fashionable person, you need to dress for each season in the right way. This does take some thought. Your shopping companion will help you choose the clothes that look the best. You can always get advice from the salesperson.

It is a good idea to go through your wardrobe every year. You need to make room for new clothes and you need to do your part for charity. You will get a warm feeling from donating your clothes to the needy. Everyone enjoys looking good and someone can always benefit from good, used clothing. Fashion is a part of life. Whether you are rich, poor, young, or old, being fashionable will make you feel good on the inside and look good on the outside.

Finding a Career in Fashion

If you have an eye for fashion, you may want to consider a career in fashion. You may be under the impression that you can only work in fashion with a fancy degree. However, you can work in the world of fashion in many ways. You do not have to be a designer to find your place in fashion.

If you enjoy helping people create the perfect outfits, consider a job in a retail store. Here, you will be able to assist people when they buy clothes. You can help them find the ones that look the best. You can help them put together different pieces for a special occasion. You will be rewarded with the gratitude from your customers. You will also be on the front lines for each new line of fashion that hits the market.

Working in fashion puts you in the ideal place to maintain your own wardrobe. Instead of having to wait like everyone else, if you work in retail, you will see the new lines as soon as they arrive. You may even know about them before they arrive and have a chance to buy things customers cannot buy yet. Many retail stores offer their employees discounts, so if you are on a budget, you can still wear great fashions!

If you feel like designing is your thing, consider going back to school. You can take courses on design and start your own line of clothing. While this does take time, you have every chance of being successful. The world of fashion has plenty of room for everyone that loves fashion. From models and designers to salespeople and photographers, there is always room for another lover of fashion. Find the niche that fits you the best and turn fashion into your career instead of just your hobby.

Shopping for Your Summer Wardrobe

Spring is almost here and soon to follow will be summer. Summer is a fabulous time for fashion. Summer is a time for shorts, skirts, dresses, and other warm weather clothes. Are you ready for summer? Is your wardrobe ready for summer? If your summer wardrobe is outdated, you need to prepare for a round of shopping!

A great time for shopping for summer clothes is as soon as the summer lines reach the stores. This is a time when you will have the most choices. You can always wait for summer to come to an end and buy off the clearance rack for the next year. You will save money buying your clothes that way. However, you run the risk of wearing last year’s styles during the next year. If you want to be a fashion icon among your friends, save your money and buy the newest styles as soon as they are available.

When buying summer clothes, make sure you buy clothes that fit your personal style and body structure. Remember that just because something is made in your size does not mean that you should wear it. The right clothes will fit your body in all the right places. Ill-fitting clothes can make you look terrible, even if the clothes are fashionable. If you need assistance finding your perfect size, ask for help from the salespeople. They will be happy to help you determine your perfect size and help you choose clothes that fit your body type.

Since summer is often hot weather, make sure your wardrobe is ready for the heat. Cottons are a good choice for hot weather because it is a breathable material. The style of the clothes you wear during the summer is entirely up to you. Just shop with an eye for what looks good on your body, not for things that look good on other people.

Tips for Dressing for Winter

Winter is almost over. Winter is a great time for fashion! During the winter, you can wear a wide variety of fashionable clothes. You may think that heavy coats and boots will cover up your chances of being fashionable. That is not true at all. Winter fashions are much more appealing to the eye today than in the past. Today, you can be just as stylish in the winter as you can in the spring and summer.

If you find yourself struggling with your winter wardrobe, have no fear. Dressing for the winter is just as much fun and just as easy as dressing for any other season. You already have a personal style. Now, all you have to do is apply that style to your winter wardrobe. If you enjoy bright, festive colors, do not be afraid to wear color during the winter. Winter does not mean drab, dreary clothing. Winter is the season of the holidays and what better way to celebrate than with festive clothing?

A great way to get your daily dose of color is by having a bright winter coat. Since you will be wearing your winter coat often, choose a coat that you love. Winter coats are available in all sorts of styles and colors. Find the one that matches your personality and personal style. The same rule applies to winter boots. There is a wide variety of choices in gorgeous winter boots. You can find them in different heights, different materials and different patterns. Coordinate your boots with your coat and you have the perfect outerwear!

As far as the clothes you wear under your coat, choose styles that reflect your style while staying with the season. Warm, soft sweaters are an essential winter item. If you need clothes that are more appropriate for business, there are many styles of winter business suits for women available. The key to dressing for winter is to treat it the way you would any other season. Dress for you, not for anyone else.

Summer is Coming – What Bathing Suit Should you Buy?

Nothing strikes fear into most women’s hearts more than the dreaded bathing suit season. The first thing that comes to mind is having to lose those additional pounds in order to look good in the bikini. And those who are a bit on the curvy side may feel that there’s nothing out there for them. The best thing to do is to not panic and don’t get disgusted. Bathing suits come in all kinds of cuts and styles, allowing even the most body conscious to step out onto the beach in comfort.

The thinnest can wear anything they like. One pieces, two pieces, string bikinis, all will look good on them. But what about those who have some curves and bumps? For them, camoflauge is the way to go. A one piece that is lower cut on the thighs draw the line downards, minimizing a wider hip. A stomach is concealed behind a high waisted top that comes down straight without clinging to the body. A skirt or loose fitting shorts work to smooth out bulging thighs.

What is key to buying a bathing suit is fit. They’re designed to accomodate the material they’re made out of, which is some type of Lycra spandex. In other words, it’s OK to buy a suit that’s a size larger than what’s normally worn. Do not let this become depressing, making one think that they’re heavier than they really are. Spandex material is very stretchy and manufacturers tend to cut the garments smaller than usual because of this fact. It’s really more of an annoying cost cutting move on the part of the manufacturer more than anything else. So buy a size bigger than normal for a comfortable fit. Don’t go any larger than that or else there may be a bagginess where least desired, such as the groin area.

Small Meals Equals Small Waists

The holidays bring and endless array of family, friends, parties, and food. The first three things are nothing but pure joy, but food can take its toll on you. There is nothing more frustrating after a holiday season of indulgence, to find that your Apple Bottom jeans don’t fit anymore. It’s the kind of thing that can cause a panic. So, if you are serious about making sure you get back into those jeans as soon as spring, here’s an easy way to kick start your diet.

The key to any diet is limiting portions. Most diets restrict foods, but a healthy eating plan just limits the amount of food you can have. This is a much safer and healthier way to look good and stay healthy. The key should be to eat no less than five times a day, no more than six times a day, and the food should be served in moderate proportions.

This might sound confusing to some, but it’s pretty simple. Every three to four hours you should be consuming food. The food should be a single item and nothing that would be considered a whole meal. For instance, having a bagel for breakfast would be OK (especially if that bagel is whole grain and in a smaller serving size to begin with) but then three hours later it would be time for another meal. This meal should be something like a cup of yogurt, or yogurt with granola sprinkled on top.

It’s important that you are constantly feeding your body. This will allow your metabolism to work into overtime. It will also prevent you from overeating or going over your calorie intake for the day. Once you get into getting your meals in small portions you’ll find that it’s easy to eat well under the suggested calorie total. It’s tough when you can’t fit back into your jeans, but a little diet control and exercise can fix that.

Staying Warm and Fashionable During Winter

NEW YORK - MARCH 20:  A man in a hat and trenc...
Image by Getty Images via @daylife

To stay fashionable during cold weather, you need a variety of winter jackets in your closet. The weather in recent years has been unpredictable. Many of the winters have brought excess snow and extreme temperatures. Having the proper winter attire regardless of the weather conditions will keep you both warm and in style at all times.

Stay Warm During Blizzards

When you know that a blizzard is coming through, the last thing you want to worry about is looking good. If you have the perfect winter coat for every occasion hanging in your closet, you can continue to feel beautiful and fashionable, even when the weather is not cooperating.

The Long, Warm Coat

If the weather is extremely cold and you know you will be doing a lot of running around, a long, warm coat is a must-have for your closet. Winter colors for long coats generally include black and dark brown. For a classy look, try a tailored trench coat in these same colors. For a more casual look, you might wear a bomber jacket in an alternate color such as dark green.

Lighter Jackets in Milder Temperatures

In milder temperatures, you still want to stay warm but opt for the lighter jackets. A cropped denim jacket or a lighter one with a fur hood are good options. A lined cape jacket is a nice casual option when you’re trying to look trendy and stay warm at the same time. You can warm up these jackets if you need to by wearing scarves and hats.

Winter Jackets for Special Occasions

For special occasions where you must look your best, you might try a fur jacket in grey or beige. If the weather is milder but rainy, you can wear a fashionable trench coat in a dark color or beige. A long jacket with a collar and belt will also make a nice impression.

2011 Winter Fashion Trends – Stylish Sequins

Usage of sequins on fashionable dresses and accessories such as shoes, clutches, jewelry, etc is the hottest trend of winter 2011. To add a more sophisticated look during festival celebrations, sequin embellished accessories and dresses can be worn.
Sequined Outfits
A sequin embellished dress can make a perfect fashion statement. The latest designs include Blu Girl sequined embellished dress, BCBG Maxazria sequin dress, Halston Heritage one shoulder dress and many more.
For parties and night outs the above mentioned designs are the perfect choice. While wearing such designs, ensure that you choose stylish accessories carefully. Pick out a matching clutch purse to go well with your sequin dress. Opt for simple looking yet beautiful pair of shoes and jewelry items such as gold & silver.
Gorgeous Sequin Embellished Clutch Purses
If you plan to wear a black dress for a night out party, then choose vintage jewelry items and a chic looking sequined clutch purse. Fashion lovers can’t take their eyes off from latest designs such as Kate Spade Pop Art Pearle, Glint Sequin Frame Clutch and Satin Floral Clutch
Apart from night out party, a sequined clutch can be carried for weddings and office parties. A gamut of patterns can be seen in latest fashion magazines, as these are accessories that are in popular demand during this season.
Sequin Embellished Shoes
For a sleek and chic looking outfit, choose a pair of gorgeous looking sequined shoes. For winter 2011, some of the hottest trends include D&G Sequinned Peeptoe Platform, Derek Lam Regine and BCBG Maxazria Sequin shoes. Why not pair up a sequin embellished dress such as leggings, cashmere sweater, skirt & blouse with stunning sequined shoes?
The winter fashion season is the time for you to wear sophisticated and stylish sequined clothes plus accessories. Heat up the holiday season by wearing chic and fashionable sequin embellished outfits, clutches and shoes.