Celeb Illness is No Laughing Matter

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Celebrities are a circus sideshow these days. With the constant media attention and the insane over exposure that these celebrities face, it’s a wonder how they can even stay sane at all. The female celebrities have it far worse than the males do. That doesn’t mean that the men don’t get a rough go in the press, but the women have far more to deal with. Not only are they subject to the same constant gossip and picture taking, but they are also scrutinized for weight gain and every other physical change they go through.

With the overexposure, there are many that turn to drugs and alcohol. It’s a serious matter and the news often sells these stories for entertainment rather than having a genuine concern. Many celebs are the punch line in late night monologues and are the focus of gossip shows. They have rehab shows to document their addiction and are lambasted for their return to their demons.

We often blow off their cries for help as the eccentric nature of Hollywood stars, but the reality is that being a celebrity can bring about these changes. It can be a life altering, and a mind altering experience. What these stars needs is help. They need someone who can give them the therapy they need to work through their addiction.

Addiction is a serious topic and one that should be treated with respect. If you know someone with an addiction, encourage them to get help. Going on to TheCyn.com is a great way to take care of something that is just moments away from overtaking somebody’s life. Many rehab centers can treat both an addiction and a mental illness at the same time.

It’s never too late to get help. These ladies should serve as a warning to the rest of the world that addiction can effect anyone. It’s not something to laugh about.