Expanding Your Wardrobe Without Emptying Your Wallet

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Every woman enjoys the idea of having new clothing items in her closet, whether she likes to shop or not. The trick to having a new wardrobe spring into your closet is to purchase items that have multiple uses and an everlasting style. There are simple pieces that can be adapted or added into any wardrobe.

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White or Black Blouse:

A nice fitted blouse will afford you multiple options for wear, either casual or dressy, layered or solo.

A Jacket:

Pick a jacket that is simple in color that you can dress up with other clothing items. A simple jacket can be worn all year long. Print or patterned jackets will only be wearable for a specific season, and possibly won’t last as long as a simple colored jacket.


Jeans can be sporty, simple, elegant, or dressy—all depending on what you team it with. Pick a pair of jeans that you find comfortable and flattering for your body.

Black Pants:

Every woman needs a pair of black pants. Like jeans, black pants can often be teamed with tops or a jacket for casual or dressier wears.

A Wrap Dress:

Wrap dresses are amazing since they can be multi-purpose. You can wear the dress as a complete piece or cover either the top or bottom of the dress, making even more outfits within your wardrobe.

With these simple pieces, you can add dimension and much flexibility to your wardrobe, creating dozens of outfits for any occasion. Have fun with your selections.


How to Find Inexpensive Clothes and Save Money on Your Wardrobe

Buying clothes can deplete your bank account and finding inexpensive clothes is quite a difficult task. Luckily, a great deal of money can be saved if you lay your hands on cheap outfits that still look grand. Knowing how to shop in a smart way can save you lot of money.
Buying Inexpensive Clothes
The best way to save money is by purchasing dresses during the closure of shopping season. Old clothes can be replaced with new ones, as stores sell seasonal outfits such as skirts, jackets etc.
Old clothes can be sold or donated in order to make enough room for the newly purchased off-season dresses.
Investing in Quality Clothes
A small amount of investment can be made in purchasing clothes that are of good quality. Storing a good set of outfits can be worn throughout a year. Normal wear such as T-shirts and jeans go along well with other wardrobe items.
Mix and match of various types of clothes is the latest trend. For any occasion, pairing normal wear with seasonal dresses is the best option.
Get Hold of Inexpensive Designer Clothes
Certain stores such as TJ Maxx sell designer outfits at a discounted price. In case, the attire has some flaw, then it can be altered easily.
Purchasing inexpensive designer clothes not only saves you from becoming penniless but it also helps you stock the latest designer wear.
Making Alterations to Inexpensive Clothes
Having a sewing machine at home can save you a great deal of money. If you know how to create seams, then an inexpensive outfit can be purchased and altered at home easily.
Even though purchasing designer clothes is expensive, utilizing the available options to buy an inexpensive designer outfit helps you save a great deal of money. Thus shoppers can add the latest designer wear to their collection and at the same time save dollars.