Apps Fit for Fashionistas

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You’re a fashionista when you keep up with all the latest fashion trends, when you can spot a certain designer’s style at 20 paces, when your friends take one look at you and demand to know just where you got that outfit. However, if you’re going to stay ahead of the fashion curve, you are going to need apps that give you the freshest looks, the latest fads and all the newest styles before they are out of style. Some apps are fit only for true fashionistas.

Apps That Fit Fashionistas

Fashionistas need to be seen — isn’t that the point of being so fabulous? However, you don’t have time to sit at home all day and comb through fashion magazines or browse the Web. Apps allow you to keep up with trends, browse for looks, shop for clothes and show off to your friends even while you’re on the go. You will never fall behind in an ever-changing world of fashion.

  • Pose is a fashionista social app that allows you to share photos quickly with friends in your network. Before you make a purchase — or after you make a great one — snap a photo of clothing items and get opinions on all the fashions you find. Friends can comment, share and “love” your looks.
  • Download the app to stay up-to-date on all the latest designer fashions. You will have access to designer profiles, fashion shows, pictures of couture from around the word and original videos.
  • Use the Net-A-Porter app to get access to online magazines where you can make purchases directly from your phone. The inventory is updated three times a week, so you have access to the latest looks.
  • Vogue Stylist is like having a personal fashion guru. You’ll get a look at the latest Vogue trends, editors’ picks and even product recommendations according to your local weather. You can save favorite items to your folder and even click-to-buy through the app.
  • The My Style Fashion Assistant app is exactly that. Take pictures of all the clothes hanging in your closet, and you’ll have access to your closet from anywhere. Create new looks from existing pieces, plan your outfits ahead of time for special events and trips and choose accessories to go with everything.

Finding Fashion Apps

You might surf through long lists of apps before you find one that’s as fashion-friendly as you crave.’s Guide to Non-market Android Apps and similar guides help you find the best apps at the best prices. Finding fashionista-worthy apps is a lot easier when you know exactly where to begin looking.

Fashion Trends for Fall 2011

The fashion world always operates a few seasons ahead of the real world. That means the fall 2011 trends are being shown in the winter and spring months of that year.

If you’re curious about what the fall fashion trends for 2011 are going to be, here’s an overview of some of the popular trends that fashion experts saw on the runway.

Fur Clothing

Stop Looking! Fashion Runway 2011

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Fall 2011 might be the year of furry clothing. Many designers incorporated faux fur clothing into their collection. The runway was filled with shirts, blouses, jackets and pants all crafted out of different types of fur.

Bell Bottoms

Everyone thought bell bottoms were a thing of the past. However, it looks like fashion designers are taking a page from the history books and incorporating different styles of bell bottoms into their fashion lines. Jean style bell bottoms and work pant bell bottoms were amongst the most popular style of pants seen on the fashion runway.

Pleated Clothing

Clothing that incorporated various styles of pleats were also popular on the fall fashion runway. Many of the outfits that had pleats in them served as great early fall fashions. Pleats could be found on everything from shirts, blouses, pants and jackets.

Wide Leg Pants

Very similar to the bell bottom pants, wide legged pants were also in style for fall 2011 fashion trends. These pants are just the first sign that the fashion world is moving away from form fitting, skintight clothing.

These four examples are just some of the fashion trends people will be seeing in the fall 2011 fashion lines.

Fashions for Your Canine Friend

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Fashion has gone crazy this season. Whatever trend you are wearing, it better be eye-catching! Fashion forward celebrities, such as Rihanna, have made sure that fashion is big and bold. If you aren’t attracting admiring looks from everyone who sees you, you haven’t gone bold enough. It’s not just a trend for humans, either!


Ashley Tisdale recently stepped out with a gorgeous dog, and it wasn’t just Ashley looking gorgeous. Her dog was rocking a cute pink bandana, embellished with a cute bone. She wasn’t the only dog in Hollywood looking glam, either, as Hayden Panettiere’s pup rocked a gorgeous golden scarf…Hayden looked hot too, in a stunning golden gown.


So, how do you master this look? First, find a reputable pet costume company that produces high quality dog costumes. It’s important to make sure your dog is comfortable while they look good! Pick colors which will bring out your pets natural coloring, like Hayden did. Deep gold looks gorgeous against darker dogs, while pastel colors bring out the best in lighter fur. Make sure the outfit or accessory fits your dog well, so they can still walk normally, and that your dog looks happy rocking their new look!

Finally, complement your dog’s look with your own. Go for a casual look like Ashley, or rock a glamorous look like Hayden…choose colors and styles which complement each other. Hayden got this spot on by choosing a scarf for her pooch which matched the tiny crystals on the dress. Pet costumes are great fun to rock, and make the most adorable pictures – don’t forget to keep a fashion album for your new fashion friend!

Healthy, Environmentally Safe Fashion Shoes

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There are two extremes in fashion. Either it is so outrageous, extravagant, and sinful to wear or it is cutting edge, healthy and environmentally safe. Fashion is about being creative, dancing with the extremes, and opening the world up to other possibilities. Birki’s shoes in Germany opens up the possibility of being fashionable, healthy, and environmentally correct every time you take a step.

This website has a similar philosophy of emphasizing fashion that is wearable. It was inevitable that Birki shoes should get highlighted here since they have the very same thoughts. Birki shoes is a fairly new company that was started in Germany in 1993. Every shoe they build is around the premise of supporting families, health, and the environment which are core values for Germans. Shoes and sandals are anatomically designed to relieve joints and ligaments and support muscles. The shoes improve your feet and legs. Energy saving production along with solar energy is used to mold the natural materials of cork and rubber.The company takes any waste cork and rubber and builds playgrounds for children with it. If that is not enough they create ecological compensation areas around their factories, and every shoe sold gives a dollar to the German Bone Marrow Donor Charity group.

In 2005 the Fun Birki shoe won the New York Red Dot Award for production. Birki has continued this idea of fun with its 2011 line of Muppet shoes with Kermit the Frog, and Fozzie Bear and in its Disney collection of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. What more can you ask for? Multi-tasking fashion for a multi-tasking generation for all family members. Cool!

Use Accessories to Create a Fashion Statement

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Accessories are one of the most important weapons you can have in a fashion arsenal. There are several different categories including jewelry, scarves, and shoes, so you have a lot of different options to choose from. Even if you have on an outfit that you have worn before, if you accessorize you may see that more people notice what you are wearing and even send a compliment your way. Set the goal of adding accessories to everything that you wear for a few weeks and see if you notice any difference.

No matter what you are wearing, from casual to formal, accessories can help you make a fashion statement. For example, Dereon clothing is typically casual. However, when paired with an adorable set of heels and a chunky necklace even the tops and jeans become a more well put together outfit. Dressing in clothes that fit well and look good is a great idea, but adding accessories is what makes you stand out from the crowd.

If you don’t feel that you have the accessories that you need, plan a shopping trip in which you only shop for shoes, jewelry and maybe even a purse or two. Think about items that would look good with some of the pieces that you already own. Then when you get everything home, set out outfits with the new accessories and see how things come together. If the outfit is plain, add bolder accessories. If the outfit is a fashion statement in and of itself, add something small.

Fashion Trends of the Celebrities – Can You Afford Them?

If you’re like most people, you probably enjoy watching awards programs just to observe what the celebrities are wearing. You may also like some of the pictures in celebrity magazines that show the celebs “just hanging out”. Even for them, however, their “comfortable” clothes still look chick and stylish.

Part of the reason for that is because celebrities usually have an unlimited clothing budget. They don’t have to worry about how much something costs; if they like it, they get it. Most of us, however, don’t have that option.

Fashion Trend Options

We can look at the fashion trends the celebrities are displaying and look for clothing that is designed along those same lines. It’s actually surprising how close reasonably priced clothing mimics the styles that cost much more.

When you find outfits and accessories that match the styles celebrities are wearing, you can use a prepaid card, such as the Reach prepaid card, to purchase them. By using a prepaid card, you can keep your spending under control, but still enjoy dressing in the latest styles.

When you are shopping for clothing you can afford, don’t be afraid to check consignment shops and even secondhand stores to find some treasures. Many of the current fashion trends are “retro”— going back a few decades. You may be able to find the exact same outfit in one of these stores. And many of them take the Reach prepaid card too, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to buy what you see.

Hot Trends and Fashions for Spring

Flash back to the 70s to find the hot trends for spring fashions this year.  Many of the fashion designers favor soft flowing fabrics. Also, a feminine romantic look is the in look of the day.

For the trendy colors, think New Mexico, think colors from the desert — sand and rust and burnt umber.  Beige is another hot color especially when paired with black or red. Another hot look is the monochromatic outfit of white on white or grey on grey.

There are two main looks for this season.  One is a touch of military with a twist.  Find yourself a cargo jacket or military styled vest.  The twist is to round out the military top with a saucy skirt.

The other fashion includes high-waist jeans with flared legs.  This will give you a long legged look.  And for blouses, crop tops be gone.  Let’s all heave a sigh of relief.  No more muffin tops (rolls of fat peaking out between the crop top and the low-waisted pants). Instead, silk or satin tops are all the rage and are nicely tucked in the high-waist pants.  Especially blouses with long flowing bows at the neckline. To complete the ensemble, add a wedge shoe with a cork heel.

What about accessories?  This year is the year for lots of bangles on your wrist and up your arm.  Wide plastic or wooden bracelets are the in style.  Add a long sting of beads to complete your jewelry.

And what about your make-up?  Because the in colors are beige and monochromatic, a sun-kissed makeup is the trend for spring.  This natural look is spiced up with bold, red lipstick.

Stylish Savings

Fashion in a Budget

Many of us think that high fashion takes a deep pocket but all fashion needs is creativity. You don’t need to have the top name brands or the latest celebrity outfits to dress like a star. Here are a few ideas to take your fashion to a new level while staying in your budget.

Visit the Thrift Store

Thrift store shopping is more work but it pays off when you find the perfect item for a fraction of the price you would pay in the stores. You probably won’t be dying to wear most of the clothes in your local thrift store but if you take the time to pick through grandma’s old sweaters you just might find the perfect addition to your closet.

Re-visit Your Old Clothes

Sometimes you don’t have to buy new clothes to create new outfits. Often we get stuck in a creative block with our old clothes but breaking out of the mold can help us wear our clothes in different ways. There are those few pieces in the back of your closet that might need to be altered or paired with a cute jacket but when they’re ready to be worn in public everyone will think they’re new.

Create Your Own Accessories

Even if you’re not a crafty person, making your own accessories can be easy and most of all, inexpensive. Your local craft store sells just about everything to make your own jewelry. Instead of buying a watch, get a watch face and then create your own beaded watch band to coordinate with your outfits. Buy an ordinary headband and attach feathers of your choice with a glue gun instead of paying for a fashion headband at the store. Use an old tie as your new belt. The possibilities are endless, getting creative can be all your wardrobe needs to add a little more fashion to its drawers.

Different Careers In The Fashion World

If you thought fashion designing is the only career in the fashion world, then you seriously need to rethink again. Apart from fashion designing, there are many careers that one can take up after completing a degree in fashion.

Fashion journalist -  People who have a flair for writing, can combine their fashion sense to write fashion articles for fashion magazines, cover photo shoots, runaway shows. A fashion journalist also writes about the latest fashion trends, fashion crimes, boutiques in the neighborhood, interviews with other designers etc.  A fashion journalist with a great sense of style in writing can make a boring fashion magazine an interesting piece to read.

Fashion stylist – A person who has great sense of styling, conceptualization of putting clothes together for a person is a fashion stylist. A fashion stylist should have excellent knowledge of fashion, fabric, color, in short should be able to conceptualize as to what put together will look good together. A fashion stylist may work in a team comprising of hair stylist, fashion designer, photographer or may work in tandem only with a fashion designer,

Fashion photographer – A fashion photographer is the most sought after job in the fashion world. A fashion photographer does a model’s portfolio, cover shoots for magazines, advertisements, still photography, calendar shoots or may even shoot for some accessories or a clothing line. A fashion photographer needs to have an eye for detail and must be innovative, creative and also be able to convey the message to the audience at the same time. A person with a profound knowledge in fashion with a passion in photography can aim to be a fashion photographer.

Fashion marketer – The world of fashion too needs a fashion marketer to sell their products, market the brands to the customers. A fashion marketer with an excellent flair for writing will be able to target the audience.

A Career As Fashion Designer

Today fashion is not limited to fashion designing itself, the world of fashion has widened, branching itself further, creating a lot of career prospects in the field.

A fashion designer is not limited to designing clothes today; they are creating menswear, kids wear, teen wear, swimsuit, accessories like eye wear, bags, shoes, scarves, jewelry etc. They cater to high profile and exclusive clients or even retail their clothing in selected designer stores. It is a career that can make you rich and famous. A fashion designer has to have an aesthetic sense and an eye for color, design, detailing and styling. Creativity and innovativeness are very crucial for any fashion designer. To be able to survive and retain in the market, one has to churn out designs after designs that appeals to the sector that a fashion designer caters to.

A fashion designer need not be stuck to doing ramp shows only. Many well-known fashion designers have entered Bollywood, Hollywood and other film industries. Many Indian fashion designers have made a mark in the Hollywood and have won accolades and fame, for e.g. Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, Bhanu Athaiya. Similarly, many Hollywood fashion designers have known to inspire many budding designers all over the world, for e.g. Donatella Versace, Gucci, Georgio Armani and the likes. Fashion designers also sell their clothing and other apparels under a brand which becomes a huge hit with people because of their wearability quotient, comfortability, cuts and styles, fabrics etc. Now days, it is not difficult to afford these brands as they are available at most malls and other outlets at a decent price. Furthermore, during sales and clearance stocks, these brands are available at a reduced cost making it more feasible for the public to buy.
A career in fashion designing is a very lucrative career provided you have the talent.