Use Accessories to Create a Fashion Statement

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Accessories are one of the most important weapons you can have in a fashion arsenal. There are several different categories including jewelry, scarves, and shoes, so you have a lot of different options to choose from. Even if you have on an outfit that you have worn before, if you accessorize you may see that more people notice what you are wearing and even send a compliment your way. Set the goal of adding accessories to everything that you wear for a few weeks and see if you notice any difference.

No matter what you are wearing, from casual to formal, accessories can help you make a fashion statement. For example, Dereon clothing is typically casual. However, when paired with an adorable set of heels and a chunky necklace even the tops and jeans become a more well put together outfit. Dressing in clothes that fit well and look good is a great idea, but adding accessories is what makes you stand out from the crowd.

If you don’t feel that you have the accessories that you need, plan a shopping trip in which you only shop for shoes, jewelry and maybe even a purse or two. Think about items that would look good with some of the pieces that you already own. Then when you get everything home, set out outfits with the new accessories and see how things come together. If the outfit is plain, add bolder accessories. If the outfit is a fashion statement in and of itself, add something small.

All about Accessories

It is time to talk about accessories. Accessories are a very essential part of any wardrobe. Accessories are the extra items that you add to an outfit to complete an ensemble. They can include your jewelry, shoes, hair accessories, and any other item added to an outfit. When you create an outfit, accessories will give you the final look you are trying to achieve.

Adding a bit of glimmer to your hair is a perfect accessory for an evening on the town. You can use small jewels that stick to the hair for touches of shimmer when the light hits your hair. However, do not use too many jewels or you will look like you are wearing a crown. Unless you are a princess, avoid the crown look. You can also add simple barrettes and headbands. Many of these come with added jewels so you can still achieve the glimmer look without the hassle of gluing jewels in your hair.

Your choice of jewelry is also important. Earring, necklaces, rings, and bracelets all add a touch of class to your outfit. Take care when choosing your jewelry. You do not always need the flashiest, most expensive jewelry. In many cases, less is more. An elegant pair of earrings and a simple necklace or ring will add just the right amount of sophistication to your ensemble.

When it comes to shoes, this is one of the most important pieces of any outfit. Shoes can, literally, make or break an outfit. You want to choose shoes that add to the outfit and enhance the look you want. Avoid shoes that are too flamboyant, as they will only draw attention to your feet. While having people admire your shoes is fine, you do not want your shoes to be the only thing people notice. You want to keep the focus on your outfit and have your accessories be merely enhancements that tie the entire outfit together.

Staying in Fashion All Year Round

If you want to stay in style all year long, you need to know what styles are “in” and which ones are “out”. Keeping abreast of the latest fashions is as easy as reading and watching television. You can always find a magazine or website that discusses fashion. You can always find a television show that features people wearing the latest trends.

To be up-to-date on the latest fashions, you have to pay attention to the seasons. If you want people to look at you as a stylish person, make sure your clothes fit the season. Fashion changes from season to season, so watch the changes at your favorite stores. You can also ask the salespeople when they will be getting their next line in so you will be ready to shop.

Accessories are an important part of being fashionable. Accessories are the final touches to each outfit you wear. A great outfit will look even better with the right accessories. These can include earrings, necklaces, belts, handbags, and shoes. Each additional item adds a little something special to what you are wearing. Just remember to keep the accessories to a minimum or you will distract from the actual outfit. You always want your outfit to be the focal point, not your accessories.

Sometimes, you may find an accessory that you just have to own. Perhaps you found a pair of shoes that you have nothing to wear with but just adore. Go ahead and buy the shoes. Then, shop for an outfit that fits the style of the shoes. Again, make sure your outfit is coordinated with your accessories and with the season. If your shoes are snow boots, do not pair them with a spring-style dress. Instead, choose fashionable pants, shirt and a winter coat to complete the look. Take your time when shopping, ask for help when needed and you will easily achieve the style you want.

Be Tasteful – Don’t Overdo the Accessories

Humanity has been adorning themselves with accessories since long before the dawn of recorded time. Simply put, we are bi-pedal magpies that want others to look at them. And the more, the better.  Or is it?

Flashy things are everywhere. They have infiltrated all the way to the horse show ring, creating a bunch of rhinestone cowgirls. And in reverse, the belts that are worn in the ring can be found in stores like Nordstroms. Simply put, glitz is everywhere, and everyone loves it. It is true that flashy items tend to come in and out of fashion, but they can always be found no matter what.

It is very easy to overdo the accessories. They are fun, brighten moods, and draw attention to our best features. Just don’t put on too much. Like a perfume can be too heavy, the same can go for accessorizing. Use restraint when it comes to picking out the earrings the bracelets the necklace or even the purse for the event.

Restraint is a relative term, as everybody has a different interpretation of the word.  It doesn’t have to mean used only the most conservative of accessories.  Instead, use judgment when picking out what is going to be worn that day.  Wearing a busy blouse with lots of baubles might give the impression that the wearer is looking to imitate Carmen Miranda.  The wearer may feel great about what they’re wearing as it is bright and cheery, but most other people may interpret it as overdone.

Start by looking at the clothing that is going to be worn that day.  Evaluate the style, and compare the intended accessory against the garment.  If it looks like it is too much, it probably is.  Listen to instinct and try again.  If it feels right, then go with the instinct.

Fun New Trends in Accessories

Accessories are the glue that holds an outfit together; the right accessories can make your clothing stand out and make your look seem polished and complete. Here are the new trends in accessories that can really spice up your wardrobe and add flair to your outfit with minimal cost and effort.

Headbands are back and they are not your grandmother’s headbands. Now they come in all shapes and sizes and can make a dramatic fashion statement. From peacock feathers to large flowers, you can find just about any kind of embellishment to compliment your outfit. Now you can accessorize in other places besides your ears, neck, and wrist, accessorize your head with a fun headband.

The newest scarf on the block is the looped scarf. This scarf doesn’t require tying but can be artfully draped in any way you see fit. Wrap it around your neck tight for the cold weather or choose a looser loop for when your scarf is a visual accessory rather than a needed one. The looped scarf drapes around your neck like a big necklace instead of the traditional scarf that just has to hang from your neck. Try a looped scarf for a fun twist on an old favorite.

The new trend in earrings is the reappearance of vintage. Instead of long dangling earrings, studs are back in and with a vintage twist. Rose shaped earrings come in all different colors so you can coordinate them with any outfit. These earrings have an old school charm with a new school glam to make them the perfect new trend in earrings. This vintage trend also extends to other stud earrings that look like fabric buttons with all sorts of different patterns and colors. Less is more when it comes to these earrings but they can add a fun vintage flair to your accessory collection.

Save Money on Fashion

Fashion is something that is important to all of us no matter what age we are. When we hear the word fashion we often associate it with teenage girls and their makeup and handbags. Whether we are the type of person to wear the most beautiful outfit whenever we’re seen in public, or the type to go out in sweats, fashion is something that is important to all of us at every age. That’s why shopping for clothes and accessories can come close to costing a fortune, but it doesn’t have to. There are so many ways to manage your money and get the cutest clothes and accessories that fit your budget.

The best way to not overspend is to make sure to have a plan before you go shopping. Set a budget for yourself. It’s better to use cash so you can see the money and know where it’s going before it’s all gone. You may want to consider only bringing the amount of cash you intend to spend.

Plan what kind of clothes or accessories you will buy. If you already have two drawers full of jeans you may want to skip buying a new pair of jeans and focus on buying shirts or shoes instead. Don’t buy things that you don’t need.

Another great way to save money is to look at the sales rack first. If you don’t find what you like there, you can always look around the rest of the store. Just because something is on sale doesn’t mean it’s out of style. Buying things from the sale rack will allow you to buy more items with the same amount of money.

Try on the clothes before you buy them. This way you’re not wasting money on something you’ll never wear. It may look cute at the store, but when you get home it may not fit right or it looks different than you expected.