Nike Is the King of Urban Cool

Kanye West in 2007.

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They’re hot on the court. They dominate the field, and they’re found on the hottest celebrities’ feet. Nike is the king of urban cool when it comes to fashion footwear.  If you’re into the street scene, make sure you pick the right accessories head to toe. Not sure where to start? Check out some famous feet.

When it comes to streetwear, it’s the Hip Hop and Rap scenes that define what’s fashionable. One of the top celebrities sporting Nike is Kanye West. He can be seen wearing Air Jordans. He’s especially fond of the Air Jordan Boot. Other hot celebs accessorizing their feet with Nike are Dabrat, Bow wow, and Ludacris. As fast as music and fashion change, make sure you keep an eye on what the hottest stars are wearing.

If you’re idea of fashion forward is more athletic, then certainly, you can find a slew of top athletes turning Nike footwear into the hottest trends. The endorsement list is long, but the folks who make it hot are people like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. The street sounds are starting to get more international with Eastern and Latin beats, so don’t forget to follow international soccer. The big guns on the field are bringing the world to the streets, and Nike is there to make sure their shoes are a part of the scene.

Whether you’re into old school or the trendiest fashion in the coming seasons, watch your favorite singers and sports stars. As soon as the celebrity is hot, grab a pair of their shoes. You’ll be the trendsetter in your town.

Staying in Fashion All Year Round

If you want to stay in style all year long, you need to know what styles are “in” and which ones are “out”. Keeping abreast of the latest fashions is as easy as reading and watching television. You can always find a magazine or website that discusses fashion. You can always find a television show that features people wearing the latest trends.

To be up-to-date on the latest fashions, you have to pay attention to the seasons. If you want people to look at you as a stylish person, make sure your clothes fit the season. Fashion changes from season to season, so watch the changes at your favorite stores. You can also ask the salespeople when they will be getting their next line in so you will be ready to shop.

Accessories are an important part of being fashionable. Accessories are the final touches to each outfit you wear. A great outfit will look even better with the right accessories. These can include earrings, necklaces, belts, handbags, and shoes. Each additional item adds a little something special to what you are wearing. Just remember to keep the accessories to a minimum or you will distract from the actual outfit. You always want your outfit to be the focal point, not your accessories.

Sometimes, you may find an accessory that you just have to own. Perhaps you found a pair of shoes that you have nothing to wear with but just adore. Go ahead and buy the shoes. Then, shop for an outfit that fits the style of the shoes. Again, make sure your outfit is coordinated with your accessories and with the season. If your shoes are snow boots, do not pair them with a spring-style dress. Instead, choose fashionable pants, shirt and a winter coat to complete the look. Take your time when shopping, ask for help when needed and you will easily achieve the style you want.

Sexy New Shoe Trends

What is the most important part of an outfit? Hint: there are two of them and they can make or break your outfit. They are shoes! Shoes come in all shapes and styles and they are the crux of your ensemble, if you chose the wrong pair they can de-rail an otherwise well crafted outfit. Here are some new styles that can give your outfit that extra boost it needs.

Nude heels with a rounded toe are the new standard black pump with a twist. Everyone needs a pair in their closet to go with just about anything. The nude color looks great with bare legs and can extend your leg line to make your legs look even longer.  Try to find a nude shade that works well with your skin tone. A darker nude with a lighter skin tone would create too much of a contrast, think of it like picking out a shade of foundation, you want it to blend to look natural. Nude heels can look great with any outfit whether it’s a dress, dress pants, or more casual shorts. These heels will be the new basic for your wardrobe.

Another new trend in shoes is the knee boot. The old trend in knee boots was a high heeled, shiny, skin tight, black boot and not many other options. Thankfully there are many more options now and they are much classier. These boots however are not made for every outfit, they don’t look good underneath your jeans but they do look great over skinny jeans, leggings, or paired with a skirt or dress. Invest in the perfect pair of knee boots and treat them for winter wear, they will make a great addition to your shoe collection. These new shoe trends are a great new way to jazz up any outfit.

Keep Your Winter Boots Looking Great All Year

Avoiding the Biggest Woe of Winter Wear

Boots are the perfect footwear when it comes to cold weather, they keep our feet warm and the bottoms of our pants dry, and most of all they are fashionable. When you’ve found the perfect pair of boots to add to your wardrobe you want them to last for many seasons to come. Boots are exposed to wet conditions, harsh salt and sometimes mud. Here are some tips to keep your boots looking great all year long.


Even if you buy boots that say they are water resistant, waterproofing your boots gives them extra protection through the wet season. Waterproof spray is available at most shoe stores and is easy to use. Make sure your boots are dry and then spray them in a well ventilated area making sure that you coat them thoroughly and wait for them to dry before wearing them. Waterproof your boots again before every wet season or any time you see it might be starting to wear off.

Special Leather Care

Leather can’t be cleaned like any other shoe fabric; special care must be taken when cleaning leather. Special products specifically for cleaning leather can be purchased at most shoe stores and can help keep your leather shoes looking great through harsh weather conditions.

Everyday Maintenance

Doing a few simple things to your boots every day can help keep them looking brand new. Depending on the shoe type it might be safe to wipe off your boots with warm water and soap every day. Leaving salt on your boots for an extended period of time can damage the shoe permanently. Cleaning off harsh deteriorates can help prevent wear and tear. Depending on the type of boot there may be specific instructions for keeping your boots looking fabulous so you can wear them for many seasons to come.

Cold Weather Wear

Fashion Tips for the Season

Winter isn’t typically the hottest season when it comes to fashion but there are certain perks that come with the dropping temperatures. Here are a few things to make the season brighter.

Dark nail polish- winter is the perfect time to break out your dark colors without your family asking if you’re going Gothic at your next holiday party. And it doesn’t have to be the traditional black; your options can include dark blues, purples, and a fun, charcoal gray. Keeping your nails short can counteract the drama of the dark colors and can make for a fun seasonal addition.

Pashminas- these thick, colorful scarves are not only a fashion must for the season but they also keep your neck warm. There are so many different patterns and colors that you can find a pashmina to match any outfit. Stay warm while accessorizing with this hot item.

Earmuffs- they’re back and it’s great news for your ears. Now you can keep your whole head warm without messing up your hair under a hat. Whether they’re pink and fluffy or animal print, earmuffs are back on the market just in time for the cold weather.

Coordinate your hat, gloves, and scarf- these accessories can be a great opportunity to add an extra punch to your outfit. Try to match these cold weather necessities and soon you’ll have a few basic sets that will match every outfit.

Boots- they are the perfect addition to your winter outfit and can add flair to your wardrobe and warmth to your feet. Getting the basic boots for every occasion, dressy or snow boots will take the stress out of worrying what shoes you will wear through the season. Most boots can be worn either outside of skinny jeans or under a boot cut jean and look great either way.