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There are two extremes in fashion. Either it is so outrageous, extravagant, and sinful to wear or it is cutting edge, healthy and environmentally safe. Fashion is about being creative, dancing with the extremes, and opening the world up to other possibilities. Birki’s shoes in Germany opens up the possibility of being fashionable, healthy, and environmentally correct every time you take a step.

This website has a similar philosophy of emphasizing fashion that is wearable. It was inevitable that Birki shoes should get highlighted here since they have the very same thoughts. Birki shoes is a fairly new company that was started in Germany in 1993. Every shoe they build is around the premise of supporting families, health, and the environment which are core values for Germans. Shoes and sandals are anatomically designed to relieve joints and ligaments and support muscles. The shoes improve your feet and legs. Energy saving production along with solar energy is used to mold the natural materials of cork and rubber.The company takes any waste cork and rubber and builds playgrounds for children with it. If that is not enough they create ecological compensation areas around their factories, and every shoe sold gives a dollar to the German Bone Marrow Donor Charity group.

In 2005 the Fun Birki shoe won the New York Red Dot Award for production. Birki has continued this idea of fun with its 2011 line of Muppet shoes with Kermit the Frog, and Fozzie Bear and in its Disney collection of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. What more can you ask for? Multi-tasking fashion for a multi-tasking generation for all family members. Cool!

Fashion Accessories – Shoes

Shoes are an essential part of our wardrobe and a basic necessity for every individual. Shoes protect our feet, provide support and shoes if worn correctly, according to every occasion can be a fashion accessory as well. Many women need more than a pair to adorn themselves for every event. You may have dressed to kill but a shabby or an incorrect pair of shoes can give the whole appearance a shoddy look. It is important to wear shoes that emphasize style yet it is comfortable.

Gone are the days when you went and bought a pair of shoes from a local store. Today there are malls selling branded shoes which come in every possible shape, size and color. There are many shoe designers who create custom shoes for some people. People don’t wait to think before splurging their hard earned money on an expensive pair of shoes. Shoes can create an important style statement.

Today, every woman owns more than a pair to dress according to every occasion. If it a party, girls night out, date, then heels are preferred. For long walks, loafers or sports shoes are normally preferred as they have flat soles with good grips and very comfortable to walk for longer duration. Flip flops or thongs are preferred for casual wear. As they come in various colors, you could co-ordinate with your dress. Then there are shoes that are worn by people for certain reasons. For e.g. tall boots are worn by people staying in colder climates to protect their feet and enable them to walk. Hiking boots are worn by people staying in mountainous regions.

So, it is important that you wear the correct shoes as per the situation.

Sexy New Shoe Trends

What is the most important part of an outfit? Hint: there are two of them and they can make or break your outfit. They are shoes! Shoes come in all shapes and styles and they are the crux of your ensemble, if you chose the wrong pair they can de-rail an otherwise well crafted outfit. Here are some new styles that can give your outfit that extra boost it needs.

Nude heels with a rounded toe are the new standard black pump with a twist. Everyone needs a pair in their closet to go with just about anything. The nude color looks great with bare legs and can extend your leg line to make your legs look even longer.  Try to find a nude shade that works well with your skin tone. A darker nude with a lighter skin tone would create too much of a contrast, think of it like picking out a shade of foundation, you want it to blend to look natural. Nude heels can look great with any outfit whether it’s a dress, dress pants, or more casual shorts. These heels will be the new basic for your wardrobe.

Another new trend in shoes is the knee boot. The old trend in knee boots was a high heeled, shiny, skin tight, black boot and not many other options. Thankfully there are many more options now and they are much classier. These boots however are not made for every outfit, they don’t look good underneath your jeans but they do look great over skinny jeans, leggings, or paired with a skirt or dress. Invest in the perfect pair of knee boots and treat them for winter wear, they will make a great addition to your shoe collection. These new shoe trends are a great new way to jazz up any outfit.

Keep Your Winter Boots Looking Great All Year

Avoiding the Biggest Woe of Winter Wear

Boots are the perfect footwear when it comes to cold weather, they keep our feet warm and the bottoms of our pants dry, and most of all they are fashionable. When you’ve found the perfect pair of boots to add to your wardrobe you want them to last for many seasons to come. Boots are exposed to wet conditions, harsh salt and sometimes mud. Here are some tips to keep your boots looking great all year long.


Even if you buy boots that say they are water resistant, waterproofing your boots gives them extra protection through the wet season. Waterproof spray is available at most shoe stores and is easy to use. Make sure your boots are dry and then spray them in a well ventilated area making sure that you coat them thoroughly and wait for them to dry before wearing them. Waterproof your boots again before every wet season or any time you see it might be starting to wear off.

Special Leather Care

Leather can’t be cleaned like any other shoe fabric; special care must be taken when cleaning leather. Special products specifically for cleaning leather can be purchased at most shoe stores and can help keep your leather shoes looking great through harsh weather conditions.

Everyday Maintenance

Doing a few simple things to your boots every day can help keep them looking brand new. Depending on the shoe type it might be safe to wipe off your boots with warm water and soap every day. Leaving salt on your boots for an extended period of time can damage the shoe permanently. Cleaning off harsh deteriorates can help prevent wear and tear. Depending on the type of boot there may be specific instructions for keeping your boots looking fabulous so you can wear them for many seasons to come.

Look at these Hot Women’s Shoe Trends

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The latest trends in shoes for 2011 include footwear with embossed patterns that look stylish. It’s wise to buy put in your hard earned money in purchasing a perfect pair of comfortable shoes that look chic.
Popular Shoe Styles
For comfort and stylish look, opt for a pair of versatile ballet flats. A gamut of colors and patterns that go well with outfits such as jeans and skirts are available for you to choose from. The hottest trends of 2011 include Gold Sequin Ballet Flat, Carson Studded Ballet, etc.
Popular Wedge Heels
There’s no particular time to wear a pair of popular wedge heels. The thick wedge style heel gives the shoes a more solid look. These are ideal to be worn during summer and a better option than sandals or pumps.
See by Chloe, Pelle Moda Griffin heels are few of the hottest trends in shoes for 2011.
A combination of wedge heels with a skirt looks ravishing. Other kind of dresses that look with wedge heels are linen trousers, silk pants etc. For a more edgy look, pairing the heels with denim jeans and a tuxedo jacket is the best thing to do.
Fashion Ankle Booties are Must- Haves
During this season, amazing looking ankle booties have dominated the runway. The most popular styles on the forefront include zipper ankle, peep toe ankle and lace up ankle booties.
Lava Lace- Up and Spaceship Peep Toe ankle booties are included in the list of fashionable trends for 2011.
For formal as well as casual wear, the ankle booties can be paired up with denim pants or wool trousers.
Coveted Shoe Trend
The classic pump is all time trend setter. Women’s pumps with details such as lace, studs, and rosettes give a more sophisticated look.
Frangia fringe and Seychelles Pumps are versatile trend setters.
Shoe styles such as ankle booties, ballet flats, wedge heels and pumps are popular in the fashion world because of versatility.